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Let Us Pave Your Way to Satisfaction

Get help from the expert team at All American Asphalt - a full-service asphalt paving and maintenance company. Get site preparation and paving for new construction, including sub-grade, rock base and asphalt. We do everything, including parking lots, private roads and residential driveways.
Let us resurface or repave your existing asphalt with new hot mix asphalt, which includes overlaying with or without leveling after a professional assessment. It may also include stripping the old asphalt and reworking the base before the overlay. Call us at (561) 684-9183 for FREE estimates.
Seal Asphalt Pavement Sealer

Schedule Your Patchwork and Sealcoating

Get patchwork that includes saw cutting excavation, reworking the base where it is needed and repaving. This includes potholes, oil damage, root damage and sinkholes.
We use professional Grade Star Seal material. After thoroughly cleaning and prepping designated areas, we apply a 2-coat process involving your choice of spray machine or hand squeegee methods.

Star-Seal Asphalt Pavement Sealer

  • Greatly extends the life of asphalt pavements
  • Outstanding toughness and flexibility
  • Beautifies and keeps pavement looking like new
  • Saves money in regular maintenance costs
  • Prevents water penetration
  • Resists gas, oil, salt and petrochemicals
  • Stops oxidation from UV rays
  • Rich black color
  • Easy to clean, strip and maintain

Find an Array of Paving Services

  • New installation asphalt and concrete
  • Asphalt and concrete repair
  • New installation of speed humps and concrete curbing
  • Parking lot striping
  • Concrete for paving driveways, sidewalks and patios
  • Decorative brick paver installs for driveways, sidewalks or patios
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